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NCAEC, was established in 1937 to be a voice for the electrical contractors of North Carolina. NCAEC, currently has over 280 members.  We have grown in number and strength, becoming a chain forged from a valuable network of electrical contractors.  NCAEC provides a forum in which questions can be answered, concerns can be voiced, and members can benefit from the guidance of electrical industry leaders.


Our Mission Statement says it best:

Professionally serving to unify the electrical industry through quality service, training, and safety. NCAEC works hard to deliver a strong voice to the needs of electrical contractors – be they a one-man or a one hundred-man electrical company. We keep members up-to-date with our legislative initiatives that protect the rights of electrical contractors. We offer a variety of educational training programs that help our members renew their electrical contractor’s licenses. Learn more about NCAEC


NCAEC was established in 1937 to be a voice for the electrical contractors of North Carolina. NCAEC currently has over 280 members.  We have grown in number and strength, becoming a chain forged from a valuable network of electrical contractors.

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Continuing Ed

NCAEC has developed partnerships around the state to assist with keeping your license active or preparing for your 1st exam.

  •  NEC Changes and Amendments
  • Electrical License Exam Prep Class

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History of NCAEC

Prior to 1937 there was no Electrical License required in NC for an Electrical Contractor. Mr. Nathaniel Ellis Cannady Sr. was the State’s Chief Electrical Inspector and Engineer at that time, and he saw the need for people doing electrical work to be required to have a license and to be regulated by a Board. The Governor at that time told Mr. Cannady that to move forward with any kind of legislation on requiring an electrical license to do electrical work that he would have to have a group of people from the electrical field organized to support such legislation. Mr. Cannady contacted several major electrical contractors from across the State of NC to seek their help in passing a law that would require a person to have an electrical license in the State of NC before they could do electrical work. There were six contractors that also saw this need along with Mr Cannady and they began to form a new electrical association. These men where Frank E. Hartis owner of Modern Electric Co, Durham NC; Marion B. Haynes, Haynes Electric Co., Asheville, NC; Raymond Starr, Starr Electric Co., Greensboro, NC; J.G. Hammond, Hammond Electric Co., Rocky Mount, NC; O.A.  Houston, Houston Electric Co., Durham, NC; and R.H. Bouligny, R.H. Bouligny, Inc. Charlotte, NC. On April 20, 1937 these six men signed the papers formed the North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractor, Inc. The first office was located at 433 W. Morehead Street Charlotte, NC. They had 3 objects for which the NCAEC was formed

  • To promote the welfare of electrical contractors and to bring a more friendly relationship between electrical contractors and other engaged in electrical business.
  • To improve the standards of service rendered by members of the Association.
  • To collect and diffuse information affecting merchants, manufacturers and others engaged in erecting buildings and other structures.

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What We Offer

NCAEC Apprenticeship Program – started Oct. 2019

The NCAEC Apprenticeship program is intended to have a single lesson plan that will be taught in two venues:

  1. Contractor Based – NCAEC contractor member agrees to follow the guidelines of the NCAEC Apprenticeship curriculum, based on the Mike Holt Enterprise lesson plan, and teach the program in-house by a qualified instructor.  As long as the in-house program follows the NCAEC guidelines in-house program will meet the requirements the NCAEC registered apprenticeship program establish with Apprenticeship NC.
  2. Community College Based – NCAEC has established a relationship with the NC Community College system and Apprenticeship NC, to provide the opportunity for a local community college Continuing Education department. Any group of NCAEC members, typically a local division, that does not have the ability to provide their own in-house apprenticeship program may use the NC Community College network to manage the NCAEC Apprenticeship Program.  The procedure for establishing a local apprenticeship program starts with contacting Terry Cromer at The NCAEC office. 336-854-8354 or email to 

Right now we are teamed up with Guilford Technical Community College and working with ohers as this program is in the beginning stages.

The NCAEC Apprenticeship Program is a four-year program.  The lesson plan that NCAEC developed for the NCAEC Apprenticeship Program is a hybrid plan based on the Mike Holt Enterprise four year lesson plan.  The intent of the Hybrid Holt lesson plan is to educate and train the NCAEC apprentice the skills most likely needed to be prepared and productive in the first 2 years of the 4-year program.

The NCAEC Apprenticeship Program is a registered, Hybrid program with Apprenticeship NC Apprenticeship NC requires 144 hours of study to qualify and maintain the registered status.

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