NCAEC has developed an Apprenticeship program that utilizes our relationship with the NC Community College system, and Apprenticeship NC, where we have an in-class program with several local Community Colleges. Our local Division of NCAEC supports the local Community College program, as well our larger Electrical Contractors who manage their own in-house Apprenticeship Program, who use NCAEC’s lesson plan for their program.

Our goal is to train and educate our next generation of electricians today, training them to perform the work they are doing today, on the job, every day.

We are building careers, not just workers doing a job.

Our Apprentices are expected to complete the NCAEC’s fouryear Apprenticeship program, while working full time for their employer sponsor. Apprentices attend one class per week for 3 hours, for 28 weeks. While attending classes and working in the field, our Apprentices are expected to complete a designated quantity of hours performing typical on the job responsibilities and tasks, so to qualify as being recognized that they have completed each phase of our program.

Our Apprentices are expected to qualify to receive their Journeyman, now referred to as JOURNEYWORKER , card at the completion of our 4-year program. The US DOL and the NC Community College System, will issue a certificate of completion as well as a card, designating that the graduating Apprentice has achieved this level of training and experience.

Many, but not all Apprentices may decide after a period of time to take the exam for their NC Electrical Contractors state license. NCAEC has a pre-test preparation course for our Apprentices, so to prepare them to take the NC Electrical Contractors exam.

Additionally, NCAEC provides several options for our licensed contractors to receive the required continuing education hours, so as to maintain their electrical license.

NCAEC has a provision in our Apprenticeship Program to TEST-IN workers who have sufficient experience and or who have participated in another Apprenticeship Program from other employers and or state.

Apprenticeship programs are being developed on an on-going basis. Where we have the need and support, an Apprenticeship program can be developed with the local Community College and NCAEC Division.


Contact the NCAEC office for more details.



NCAEC Program – Apprenticeship Handbook 1.8.20 is available in the member’s area click here.

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